Sewer Mainline and Drain Cleaning

Sewer Mainline and Drain Cleaning Bend, Oregon

Sewer and drain backups can be a nightmare. Believe us, we have seen it all.  That’s why you can call us when you are suspecting a septic mainline or drain clog.  We have the experience and knowledge to fix your problem in hurry.  Sunset Plumbing of Bend offers sewer mainline and drain cleaning and can ensure that the pipe is clear all the way to the tank. If you suspect that your sewer mainline or drain is clogged, give us a call at 541-382-0109.

We do not offer septic tank replacement or repair but we do clear sewer mainlines, drains, and pipe clogs that can occur on the way to the tank.  We also offer installation, sales, and repair for:

  • Septic Tank Pumps
  • Grinder Pumps
  • Sewage Pumps
  • Effluent Pumps

Emergency Plumbing for Sewer Mainline and Drain Backups

When a sewer mainline or drain gets clogged in your home, the water cannot drain to the street forcing it to make it’s way back into the household plumbing one way or another. This can lead to water leaking from fixtures, pipes or even under your home. Significant leaks, floods and standing water in your home can cause significant water damage that should be avoided at all costs. If at all possible, shut off the water at the source or the street if necessary. If you are unsure of what to do if your sewer mainline or drain backs up, call us right away to help you asses the situation at 541-382-0109. Sunset Plumbing of Bend might be able to walk you through any procedures you can handle on your own until help arrives.

Sunset Plumbing offers full service plumbing to all of Central Oregon including: Bend, Black Butte Ranch, Crooked River Ranch, La Pine, Madras, Prineville, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Terrebonne, and Tumalo, Oregon. To schedule an appointment call 541-382-0109 or email. We look forward to being your trusted plumbing services contractor. Sunset Plumbing will always strive to give same-day service and we are also available for emergency plumbing services and water heater repair.