Kitchen Faucets and Accessories

Your kitchen is the hub of your home; where delicious food is prepared, where your family and friends socialize, and also a place where many a dirty dishes are washed. You don’t often realize how much you rely on your hot water heaters and other tools until it runs out or breaks down. To help keep things running smoothly in your kitchen, there are several helpful tools that Sunset Plumbing of Bend can install to make your life easier:

Garbage Disposals:

Garbage disposals are an amazing tool if you like to cook. Garbage disposals are a wonderful way of eliminating leftovers from cooking that could otherwise end up in the garbage to rot. Garbage disposals are also handy in lowering the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill on a weekly basis. Sunset plumbing offers installation, repair and replacement for all types of disposals. Please call us at 541-382-0109 to receive a quote, we are located in Bend, Oregon and serve the entire Central Oregon area.

Insta-Hot Dispensers:

Insta-Hot dispensers are secondary faucets installed on your sink that instantly create water at 200°F. Insta-Hot faucets can save loads of time by helping you to create coffee, tea, hot cider or hot cocoa – instantly! An Insta-Hot water dispenser can also help you: remove sticky labels, steam vegetables, melt chocolate, cook pasta al dente, thaw frozen foods, loosen jar lids, remove wax from candles, remove food residue, polish jewelry or silver, warm baby bottles, dishes and more!

If you are looking to replace your outdated sink we have sinks available in our Bend, Oregon store.