Water Heater Services

Water Heaters Repair, Service and Installation

Having hot water is one of the modern luxuries we often take for granted. You don’t often realize how much you rely on it until it runs out. If you are noticing any of the following problems be sure to call us right away so that we can diagnose any problems.

• Water leaking from the top or base
• No hot water
• Rumbling noises

Call Sunset Plumbing of Bend at 541-382-0109 or email us at and we can help repair or replace your current water heater. If you want someone to take a look at your water heater before a problem arises, Sunset Plumbing offers a water heater service to ensure everything is functioning properly and that all of the settings are correct.

Replacement Water Heaters:

Sunset Plumbing carries a wide variety of water heater makes and models including:

Serving Bend, Oregon and the Surrounding Areas

If you have any other plumbing concerns such as winterization, issues with gas lines, or drain cleaning, Sunset Plumbing can help.