Pros & Cons Of Tankless Water Heaters

Bend tankless water heaters

You have a number of important decisions to make as a homeowner. The key to making good choices is to make sure you have the information required to move forward with a solid decision.

Speaking with professional plumbers before you decide about your water heater is a good idea. The main choice consumers are considering now is whether or not to go with a tankless water heater, or not.

The main thing is to decide if it’s worth the extra money? If you need a water heater anyway, is it time to update and upgrade?

Is It Time to Go Tankless?

It’s no surprise that more homeowners and consumers are making the choice to move forward with a tankless water heater. Now, you’re curious if this is the right move for you, your family, and your household.

Here are some of the pluses and minuses about the tankless system:

  • An obvious pro is that you have instant hot water. It’s about comfort and convenience, and you’ll never have to wait again to step into your hot morning shower.
  • The most obvious con is the upfront cost. You will have to come up with a considerable amount more to get a tankless system compared to a traditional water heater.
  • However, you can save money on your monthly utility bills by going tankless. So, this helps offset some of that upfront cost.
  • Unfortunately, consumer reports indicate the temperatures can be inconsistent. However, many of this feedback came from earlier reports of early models of tankless systems that have since become improved.
  • Wasting energy and water, waiting to reach the right temperature, isn’t very environmentally responsible. Your decision to ditch the traditional tank water heater system is more Eco-friendly.
  • Bonus pro: You also get a longer lifespan with a tankless system. It requires less repair and maintenance work but still has greater longevity.

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