Faucets - Repair Or Replacement

Faucet repairs

You have faucets all over your Bend, OR house which supply hot and cold water for cleaning, bathing, and other needs. If just one goes out, it can really put a damper on things. Whether the problem is a loose gasket or water is spewing all over the place from one of the faucets, we are the Bend plumber who’s ready to come to your rescue.

In addition to faucet repairs, you can count on Sunset Plumbing for your other service needs. We provide faucet installations and upgrades as well for home remodels. No matter what service our plumber is providing, you’ll get quality workmanship and products that you can rely on.


Your kitchen is the hub of your home. It’s where delicious food is prepared, where your family and friends socialize. It is the place where many dirty dishes are washed. You don’t often realize how much you rely on your faucets and other tools until one of them quits working. Sometimes it’s an emergency situation if the faucet is shooting water everywhere.

Whether you are in the middle of preparing dinner or it’s after hours in the middle of the night, you can call us for faucet repairs. We know you need help fast, so we offer emergency faucet repairs 24 hours a day.

Faucet Installation & Upgrades

Many simple home remodeling projects involve installing new faucets or replacing the old ones. If you plan to do a home remodel this year, our plumbers would be honored to assist you with the plumbing remodel.

We can help you choose the right type and style of faucet that suits your budget and aesthetic needs. Our plumbers take care of all the plumbing installations including the garbage disposal, any gas lines, or plumbing pipes necessary to complete your home remodeling project!