Super Service Club

Membership Perks

When you sign up for Sunset Plumbing’s Super Service Club for the cost of a water heater flush. you will receive 10% off plumbing services and repairs, as well as the following VIP befits.

Annual Water Heater Flush

Keep your water heater operating safely and efficient.

Priority Service

Schedule by 10 am and receive service by the next business day.

Yearly Inspection of plumbing fixtures

to avoid unexpected breakdowns and identify small problems before they become big issues.

Access to highly trained, licensed, honest and reliable plumbers.

Extend the life of your plumbing system and equipment.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Locally owned and operated over 40 years.
*Residential plumbing services only must be homeowner to apply 1 year commitment.  

Join the SUPER Service Club

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Inspection

As part of your preventative maintenance inspection, the plumbing professionals at Sunset Plumbing will complete the following checks:

Flush and service water heater & check anode rod (If parts are needed, they will be quoted prior to completion of any work.)

Camera inspection where appropriate

Check all faucets for proper operation, clean aerators

Check all angle stops and supply lines

Check garbage disposal for proper operation

Check all tubs/shower faucets and diverters for proper operation

Check all outdoor hose bibs

Check visible pipes for signs of corrosion

Check system pressure, backflow assemblies and pressure reducing valve (if applicable)

Check water Filtration operation (if applicable), water quality test.

By taking advantage of Sunset Plumbing’s Super Service Club, we can catch plumbing issues before they become more costly to repair. Contact us today to learn more and join.