Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal

Sunset Plumbing provides installation, repair and replacement services for all types of garbage disposals. You can call our Bend, OR plumbers when you need garbage disposal service in the entire Central Oregon area. We also provide a complete line of services for your other plumbing fixtures.

No matter how small or complex the job is, our goal is to make sure you get what you need to make your life easier. We do our work right, care about our customers, and treat each project as if it were for our own families. You can count on our Bend plumbers for top-quality garbage disposal repairs, installations, replacements, and upgrade services.


Sunset Plumbing is the local plumber you can count on for after-hours emergency garbage disposal repairs. We are normally open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

We always have a plumber on standby to assist you with any emergency service needs in Bend or the rest of the Central Oregon area. Don’t worry if what you need seems small and insignificant! We are more than willing to help you with your garbage disposal repairs!

Garbage Disposal Installations

Are you thinking about installing a new garbage disposal for your kitchen sink because you’re tired of the constant sink drain clogs? If it’s time to choose and install a garbage disposal in your home, let us help you find the right model. We’ll make sure we install a reliable garbage disposal that works well and lasts.

Not sure an installation is worth it? Garbage disposals are an amazing tool whether you like to cook or not. They are a clean and efficient way to eliminate leftovers or scraps from cooking that would otherwise end up in the garbage to rot. They are also helpful to lower the amount of waste that is sent to landfills on a weekly basis. Why not call us to get a garbage disposal installation estimate, just to see what you’re looking at for the remodel budget?