Backflow Testing in Central Oregon

Backflow Testing

Backflow testing helps prevent water contamination or pollution. When the pressure in a water system isn’t maintained, the risk for water to flow backward into the water system and become contaminated is greatly increased.  Backflow testing monitors the health and safety mechanisms designed to protect water purity.

Please call us or fill out a form to request backflow testing and we let you know the week we will complete your test.  Once our team gets the route scheduled, we will notify you of the exact day that we’ll show up.

After The Test Has Been Completed
Once the test has been completed, we send the test report in to your water provider so they know that you are in compliance. We also send you a copy of that report as well, along with your invoice.  If your backflow passes the test, you’re good to go!  If it fails the test, we are fully licensed to repair and retest the assembly to ensure that you and your family are protected from cross contamination and remain compliant with the State of Oregon protection requirements.

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