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Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing in Oregon

A toilet that gurgles and is slow to flush can leave you running for the plunger just in case it backs up. It's best not to ignore the issues going on behind the cause of a gurgling toilet. You may have a clog in the sewer line which could be quite stubborn, especially when a plunger doesn't solve the problem. There also may be air in the water lines that supply the toilet with fresh water.

You can check the tank flapper for an obstruction that keeps it from closing all the way after the flush. A plumber's snake may resolve some clogs. If nothing works, call our Bend, OR plumbers for help.

What should I do if my garbage disposal won't turn on at all?

If you hear no sound coming from the garbage disposal, it probably needs to be reset. Garbage disposals are made with a reset safety switch, located at the bottom. This switch will trip if the blades get jammed by debris. Make sure the regular switch is in the "Off" position first and then reset the switch on the garbage disposal by pushing it in. Try the main switch again.

Never stick your hand down the drain if the main switch is turned on! If this doesn't work, it's probably time for our plumbers to replace the disposal.

Why is the water pressure in my house so low?

If the water pressure in every faucet is low, you can check the main water shut-off valve to the house to make sure the valve is not partially closed. Otherwise, the water line may be crimped, there are sediments in the pipes, there are problems with your water well, or there is another issue.

If just one faucet has low water pressure, then the problem lies within the section of water line or in the fixture itself. Our skilled plumbers can assess the problem and provide you with the right plumbing repairs solution.

Do you work on gas lines for water heater tanks?

Yes, our Bend, OR plumbers at Sunset Plumbing are licensed gas-fitters. If you need repairs, installations, or services on gas lines for your hot water heater tank, tankless water heater, boiler, stove, or any other gas line, we are your go-to local plumbers.

The water coming out of the faucet smells bad, what's wrong?

If the foul smell isn't coming from the drain, your water heater tank may be the problem. There could also be a backflow problem within the pipes, where sewer water gets into the fresh water lines. Water wells can make your water smell like sulfur. Plumbing drain waste vent pipes are also often the source of sulfur smells.

If your water smells bad, it's important to call our plumbers as soon as possible because there could be bacterial growth in your fresh water supply.

If you are looking for a plumbing company in Bend, OR please call 541-382-0109 or complete our online request form.

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