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How To Avoid Problems With Hot Water Heaters


One of the best tips you cang get to avoid water heater problems is to read the manual after it’s installed in your Sisters home. Water heater manufacturers list specific maintenance for their water heaters in the manual that should be followed to keep the warranty intact.

Just by getting the water heater maintenance, the homeowner can avoid many of the common problems that other homeowners in Sisters regularly face with their water heaters. Here are a few water heater problems that you can avoid if you want to.

Common Problems With Water Heaters:

  • Heat loss that wastes energy
  • Rust-colored hot water
  • Leaking hot water heater tank
  • Hot water pressure problems
  • Lukewarm water
  • Not enough hot water for everyone
  • White flaky stuff in your hot water
  • Energy-hogging hot water heaters
  • Gas line leaks
  • Water heater plumbing pipe leaks

Get The Water Heater Tank Flushed Out

There are several reasons you’ll want to get your water heater tank flushed out. To avoid problems with water heaters, the sediments that build up inside the tank will need to be flushed out of the tank. If you don’t like to do things yourself, you can always get a Sisters plumber to do it. You can call us if you like.

You’ll need to follow a set of specific procedures for your particular tank. In general, the flush out involves connecting a garden hose to the spigot located in the front of the water heater and running it to the outdoors. Close the cold water inlet valve located at the top of the tank. Open the drain valve on the front of the water heater and the water will drain from the tank.

To remove the remaining sediments in the bottom of the tank, it’s sometimes sufficient to close the tank drain valve again and open the cold water valve again and let it fill for around 20 seconds and then close it. This action will stir up some of the sediments in the bottom of the tank. Repeat the tank draining process.

How often your particular water heater will need to be flushed depends on what type of water is supplied to your household. If you have hard water coming from a well, you’ll need a tank flush out more often. Generally, about once a year should do to avoid problems with the majority of water heaters in Sisters.

Get The Water Heater Tested For Electrical or Gas Line Problems

Your water heater is controlled by mechanical parts that are supplied power by electricity or natural gas. And yes, by the way, propane is a natural gas. It’s important to have the electrical components or gas lines and related components of water heaters tested by an experienced Sisters plumber every year to ensure that the unit is operating properly and safely.

Get Yearly Water Heater Maintenance

Did you know that water heaters which are given the proper maintenance can often last nearly twice as long? Since they last anywhere from 5 to 12 years, the maintenance is well worth it. Plus, it’s an affordable service that prevents problems.

When you hire a Sisters plumber for yearly water heater maintenance, they can and probably do perform the tasks mentioned above. Some may charge extra for flush outs and some won’t. It’s worth getting everything done to avoid problems with water heaters because repairs will be much more costly, trust us.


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