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What To Do About Emergency Plumbing Leaks In Your Redmond, OR Home


Just a simple thing like turning on water service after you buy a home in Redmond can result in massive plumbing leaks that you didn’t expect. Now, we’re not talking about pinhole leaks although those can be a problem too. We’re talking about the type of leaks that leave you running for the phone to call your Redmond plumber.

If you’ve just moved into your Redmond home, the first tip our plumbers want to share with you about plumbing leaks is to make sure the washing machine faucets are CLOSED and do it before your water is turned on! It’s likely you won’t have the washing machine connected yet, so all that water would gush out of the faucet and flood your house!

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it’s a good thing you’re reading up on what to do about emergency plumbing leaks now. Kudos to you!

Buy A Wet-Vac Now To Be Ready For Plumbing Leaks

One of the first things you’ll want to purchase as a Redmond homeowner or renter is a wet-vac. Don’t get the one gallon size, go as big as is comfortable for you. Whether there’s a small plumbing leak in the water line leading from the toilet or you have massive amounts of water spewing out of your busted hot water heater tank, you need to be prepared with the right tools beforehand.

Buy A Good Plumber’s Pipe Wrench Just In Case

The next tool you would want to have handy around the house is a pipe wrench. Some homeowners get by with adjustable pliers, that’s just fine if it works for you. Make sure you get the channel lock, groove pliers though, and that they’re very durable.

You’ll enjoy having either one anyway when you mess around with a sticky or gritty garden hose connection or hook up your washing machine to the water line. Make sure it’s a durable pair, just so you can rely on it to work and not get rusted. You’ll need it throughout the years.

Once you have a pipe wrench or adjustable pliers, it will be much easier to deal with plumbing leaks the right way.

Check Your Water Meter & Main Shut-Off Valve Now

Most meters have a simple handle-valve that you can easily turn by hand to the off position. What do you do if there’s no valve at all or one that looks weird? Well, there is actually a shut-off valve at the meter. However, it’s going to require a Water Meter Key. You can do a google search on that term to see images. Be sure you get one that is the same shape as the shut-off valve or it won’t fit.

Water Leaks! Oh No! Time To Shut-Off The Water Main To The House

Unless the plumbing leak is specifically located past an indoor area with a plumbing shut-off valve, you will need to go out to the main water line meter and shut the water off there. Remember, looking down on the valve from above, it’s “Righty Tighty” (clockwise) to close the valve, and “Lefty Loosey” (counter-clockwise) to open it.


When you do have a plumbing leak and you’ve shut the water off, you should call to get leak repairs service from our Redmond plumbers at Sunset Plumbing. We’ll send our Super Plumber out to rescue you from your water leaks! We are available 24 hours a day and we fix all types of water leaks. Put our phone number on the ‘fridge or somewhere handy just in case!


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