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3 Plumbing Fixtures You’ll Want When Remodeling Your Bend, Oregon Home


The best time to replace some of the old plumbing fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms is when you plan to update the look of your Bend, OR house. When remodeling the kitchen or bathrooms, you’ll be enlisting the services of a Bend plumber anyway. You’ll have the opportunity to choose plumbing fixtures that make a difference in how easy your home life is, so think about both style and function!

Some plumbing fixtures can save you money on the utility bill, and some are simply for convenience sake. Check out the following three plumbing fixtures that you’ll want for your home remodeling project in Bend.

Water-Saving Toilets

Old plumbing fixtures like the toilet are usually the first to go when remodeling a house. If you’re into conservation, why not replace the old toilets in your house with water-saving toilets?

Our Bend plumbers can tell you that if you find and install a good brand, water-saving toilets work even better than the traditional toilets. In fact, we carry reliable brands of water-saving toilets and install them all the time. You should have no worries over clogged toilets just because the mechanics on the inside of the tank or bowel are different.

A Really Good Garbage Disposal

Unless your existing garbage disposal was installed within the last four years, installing a really good garbage disposal in the kitchen sink is a great idea. Since you’re remodeling your Bend home, why not install a new garbage disposal that works like crazy?

No, you don’t need to grind metal nuts and bolts. But, having a powerful garbage disposal that pulverizes egg shells, potato peels, and even banana peels into a fine dust is really wonderful to have in a family kitchen, especially over the holidays.

Did you know one of the biggest causes of kitchen sink clogs is an old garbage disposal that isn’t working well? Changing out a few plumbing fixtures like this in your Bend home will save you loads of trouble later.

Tankless Water Heaters

Installing a plumbing fixture that can save you money on your utility bill is a great idea when remodeling your Bend home. A whole-home tankless water heater only heats enough water at the time you need it rather than you paying the utility company to heat gallons of water all day and night so it can sit around waiting to be used.

There are some home remodeling projects which won’t need the installation of a whole-home tankless water heater, unless you just like the idea of having one.

For instance, if you decide to add a room addition onto your Bend home or want to install plumbing in the workshop out back, you won’t need a whole-home unit. For these types of home remodels, go with a tankless water heater that installs directly underneath the sink. It will only supply hot water to that faucet.

The Insta-Hot is a tankless water heater that instantly heats water to 200°F. Plumbing fixtures like this can save loads of time by helping you to create coffee, tea, hot cider or hot cocoa – instantly!

Insta-Hot water fixtures can also help you: remove sticky labels, steam vegetables, melt chocolate, cook pasta al dente, thaw frozen foods, loosen jar lids, remove wax from candles, remove food residue, polish jewelry or silver, warm baby bottles, dishes and more!


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