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Look for These Common Signs of Plumbing Leaks


Your plumbing setup is one of the most important components of your home, and this importance means that plumbing issues will always prove to be a major headache for you. Unfortunately, those issues are all but inevitable, and one of the most common issues you’ll experience is plumbing leaks, which can lead to a host of other problems:

  • Limited use of your plumbing
  • Water damage
  • Potential for mold growth
  • Foundational Cracks

To prevent these issues from affecting your Bend, OR, home, you need to get a leak repair ASAP. Of course, the key to getting a timely jump on these issues is knowing the common signs of plumbing leaks. Don’t know what those signs are? No problem. You can learn all about them by reading on:

Water Bill

Increased Water Bill

As water continues to pour unabated out of a leaking pipe, you’re bound to see a significant increase in your water bills. While you’ll surely be unhappy to be greeted by that expense at the end of the month, you’ll at least take solace in the fact that the expense is signaling you to a pipe leakage.

Water Meter Continuously Ticking

You don’t need to wait to be hit with a large water bill before you can determine that some unseen pipe is leaking. If you have an inkling that something might be wrong, you can simply give your water meter a glance. If you see that it’s ticking continuously, you’ll know you have a water leak on your hands.

Wet Spots

Though you’re unlikely to see a pipe leak itself, you’re more than likely to see the telltale sign of a leak: wet spots. Do you notice odd wet areas on your walls, flooring, our outdoor areas? If you do and if they don’t appear to be dissipating, then you know you’ve got a pipe leak to deal with.

Reduced Water Pressure

Your chances of running into the exact wet spot being created by a leaking pipe are relatively minimal. However, there’s a sign that you’re guaranteed to run into if your pipe leak is severe enough: reduced water pressure. If your plumbing fixtures don’t provide the kind of pressure you’re accustomed to, well then, it’s time to call for a leak detection.

Call Our Plumbing Company in Bend, OR, If You Have a Water Leak

Have you spotted any of these signs? If so, don’t hesitate: Call Sunset Plumbing today. Our dependable plumbing company in Bend, OR, offers quality work that will effectively stop all plumbing leaks in your home. Don’t leave yourself exposed to the issues that leaks can lead to. Instead, give us a call as soon as you spot any of the issues listed above.


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